Sunday, September 19, 2010

Non Negotiable Guidelines proposed by South Asia Network on Women’s Rights in Disasters

1.        Recognition: Officials of both state and non state agencies working with disaster affected must recognize and address gender specific and special needs of women.
2.   Health: Health concerns of pregnant and lactating women must be addressed.
3.  Protection: Protection of women and girls from gender based violence and abuse in all camps and relocated communities must be ensured.
4.  Security: Care givers must be given protection and all available assistance by the authorities.
5.  Decision Making: Governments must involve women in consultative and decision making processes.
6.  Inclusion: Special attention must be paid to marginalized groups of women
7.  Anti-discriminatory practices: Governments must ensure that disaster affected receive assistance without discrimination.
8.  Rebuilding: Facilitate rebuilding and capacity building of women’s organizations.
9.  Livelihood Restoration: Facilitate immediate restoration of livelihoods for employment generation.
10. Adherence to International Standards: Ensure women have equal rights to adequate housing and land, and relocation efforts in consistent with international human rights standards.

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